"Cupcakes in Wonderland" - ...where every bite is WONDERful!
 Cupcake Prices:
Regular Size:.....  $25.00 per dozen
                                    Premium flavors and Gluten Free....$30.00
Mini Size...........  $15.00 per dozen
Jumbo...............  $ 5.00 each
 Because we bake especially for you.....
Order minimum:
2 dozen Regular cupcakes 

3 dozen Mini cupcakes
      (at least 2 dozen per flavor)
 Jumbo: 5 per flavor
      (unless you want to add 1 or 2 with your order)
      For large orders we limit flavor choices.
  ALL orders must be placed 3 days in advance!!
Delivery Charges:
                                                ($50 minimum order)
Camarillo & Santa Paula.....$10-$15
Ojai & Santa Barbara.....$20 up
Set-up Cost:
Set-up & display your cupcakes on our stands..$35
Unpack and display cupcakes on your stands...$10
Included: decorating and organizing your table
We have a variety of stands for your special occasion.
Payment Options:
 Cash, Check,
Credit or Debit Card    (Visa, MC, Discover,
                                                  and American Express)
To place an order:
 Please go to the 'Contact Us' page.
*****Wedding Information:
We specialize in catering Wedding Receptions.
Please order at least 2 weeks in advance.
Cupcake prices are the same as above.
Limited flavor choices for large orders.
Set-up charge of $35.00,
includes displaying your cupcakes on our stands, decorating and organizing the cake/dessert table.
There may be an additional delivery charge depending on location of venue.
If you are interested in private lessons for your wedding dance, Blaire has taught ballroom for over 5 years and would love to help you learn a special dance! (waltz, salsa, tango, etc.)
The cost is $40 per hour.
Thank you for your interest in
Cupcakes in Wonderland...
Where every bite is WONDERful!!
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