"Cupcakes in Wonderland" - ...where every bite is WONDERful!
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My name is Debora. I am the mother of 5 (2 daughters, 3 sons) and Oma of 9 (6 girls, 3 boys). I have been married for 43 years. My oldest daughter is the adoptive mom of 5 'special needs' children. I am very much involved in their lives. In fact, because of health concerns, they are the inspiration for our cupcakes being all natural.
I enjoy playing with the kids, spending time with family, reality t.v., and of course, baking and frosting cupcakes!
Blaire is the primary cupcake baker, and the youngest of my children. She has many talents and hobbies. She loves animals and has a large variety of pets. When not baking cupcakes, she trains dogs and does pet sitting. Blaire was a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray for over 3 years, and now teaches private lessons.
We enjoy baking together, and eating what we bake. At times we agree to disagree, but the one thing that we both believe is that cupcakes are the perfect compliment to any meal, even breakfast.
 This is our life, short and SWEET :) 
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